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Knowledge is power. Explore our comprehensive library of financial articles to become money savvy.  These articles will assist you in your financial decisions.


It’s a numbers game.  With over 150 financial calculators you will quickly and easily get answers to your financial questions.

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Ask a friend.  Blogs and discussion groups are a great source for financial advice.  Learning together by sharing experiences will help you get financially fit.


I can do this myself. Many solutions to our financial woes can be solved by purchasing products.  Here you will find competitive quotes from mortgage lenders, insurance companies, banks and investment firms.  You can purchase directly from these companies.


I need to talk to someone.  Some situations are more complicated and are best served by bringing in an expert. If you want to talk privately by phone or meet face-to-face with a financial advisor, we can help find someone near you.

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Let’s make a plan. Circumstances change, therefore financial stability requires constant review of your situation.  Our yearly subscription service gives you access to advanced tools, reports and strategies and you can track your progress over time.

Find out if you are financially prepared for your future

Similar to a credit score that measures your ability to pay your debts, your FIST® (FInancial STablity) score measures your overall financial preparedness. In addition to making your debt payments, are you financially prepared for other life events such as job loss, retirement, unforeseen medical expenses or even death? Your FIST® score will identify areas of financial vulnerability and give you an immediate action plan. As you seek to improve your score over time you can find peace of mind for all things financial in your life.

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Our Financial Calculators

If you want more control over your financial life, the right tools can make a big difference. Whether you’re budgeting, considering taking out a loan or trying to pay off your credit cards faster, online financial calculators can be a powerful way to get back on track financially and make better financial decisions.

No matter what you’re trying to do with your money, you need to be able to crunch the numbers accurately. Free financial calculators from Money Help Center let you do just that. You can compare how much you’d pay per month with different types of mortgages, or figure out how long it will take you to get out of debt. You can budget by predicting how much you’ll spend on your purchases, or decide to take on financing by looking at how much that car loan will really cost.

The Big Money Benefits of Using Online Calculators for Your Finances

Money Help Center calculators are simple to use and come with big advantages. Using our calculators, you can:

We have calculators for every area of your life, from saving to purchase a home to determining how much money you need for retirement. Take control of your money today and get unbiased calculations that help you make practical, informed decisions about where your money goes. Start using any of our calculators today!

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