About Money Help Center

Money Help Center offers a variety of free online calculators to help you answer some of your big money questions. Our calculators cover everything from tax obligations to college savings and retirement plans to monthly budgeting and everything in between. Whether you want to pay down your loans, make the right investment decisions, or just figure out where your money really goes each month, Money Help Center has calculators to help you get the facts you need.

Unbiased, Really Free Calculators

Money Help Center offers several advantages when you want financial answers:

  • Independency: We’re not tied to any lender or financial institution, so you get unbiased results when you use our Money Help Center calculators. Sometimes, when you use calculators online they are used to convince you to try a specific product. That’s not the case with us! Our information is bias-free.
  • Variety: We offer lots of calculators to help you answer the most common financial questions for every stage of your life.
  • Free: Our calculators are free to use and come with no strings. Sometimes, when you use free calculators online, you’re asked to provide an email address or your contact information to get results. At Money Help Center, we don’t do that. You get transparent results that let you keep your information private and confidential.
  • Unlimited Uses: There are no limits on how many times you can use our calculators. You can use as many of them as you like, as often as you like with no obligation and no cost. Try out different scenarios, try out different options and consider all the financial possibilities!
  • Easy to Understand: Our calculators use graphics where needed and plain language so they’re easy to fill out and the results are easy to understand. This ensures you can use them and really put the data to use for you.
  • Accuracy: We work hard to make our calculators accurate. Our team of experts has used reliable sources and has worked to make the data as reliable as possible.

Why not try a Money Help Center calculator or two today to see how you could be making different decisions with your money?