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Federal Income Tax Brackets and Rates

Understanding your tax bracket is key in determining the withholding from your paycheck, as well as to prepare you for the next tax season. For 2023 look for the bottom […]

Why Do We Pay Taxes?

When you get your paycheck, you may notice some money is withheld from your income for taxes. Every April 15, you need to file your taxes and sometimes pay additional […]

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5 Common Tax Deductions

Tax deductions reduce your taxable income which in turn can reduce your tax liability.  While this is different than a tax credit, which lowers your tax liability dollar for dollar, […]

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The Basics of Property Tax

Being taxed, unfortunately, is about as American as apple pie. From federal and state income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, gift tax, estate tax, and others, it may be difficult […]

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Year End Financial Planning

One benefit that comes with the passing of another year, is the opportunity to evaluate what is working and what isn’t working so well when it comes to your personal […]