How much do you need to save? Find out using our calculators.

If you’ve ever looked at a pile of bills and thought, “How can I pay my debts off quickly?” you’re on the right track. Paying off your debts fast can save you money on interest and free up more money each month for essentials and saving. In fact, going debt-free can be like getting a raise. The money currently going towards loans and credit cards can instead go towards savings or the things you want when you’re not living with debt.

To pay off your debts quickly, you may want to figure out how adding extra cash towards your debt can impact your balance. You may also want to calculate how long it will take you to pay off your credit cards and loans with different amounts of payments. Money Help Center has these and other calculators to help you assess how long it would take you to get debt-free and how much you’d need to contribute to your payments to get to your goal faster.


If you’re budgeting how you can get out of debt sooner, you’ll also want a calculator to evaluate your income without having to figure out how to calculate your take-home pay. Money Help Center has a calculator to evaluate take-home pay, so you can figure out your net pay each month. This is the basis of your budgeting. Once you know how much you earn, you can evaluate your expenses and therefore how much you can contribute towards your debts each pay cycle.

In addition to our take-home-pay calculators, Money Help Center has other calculators to help you estimate your taxes, your savings, and more. All our calculators are unbiased and not associated with any businesses, so you get the impartial data you need to create a budget which digs you out of debt. Take our calculators for a test run today and use them to create a budget to help you pay down student loans, credit cards, and other loans. We even have calculators to help you decide whether consolidation or refinancing can be a good choice to pay down what you owe faster.

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